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Dressing Room ” NEW YORK ”


Dressing Room ” NEW YORK ”

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The bedroom as it is the place we sleep it should inspire us and be our “own” space. So its decoration is a personal matter. In addition to basic furniture, another important aspect is the space where we do our personal care.

The dressing room or toilet is the ultimate women’s furniture. No matter how small a room we have in a bedroom, there will be a mirror and a stool or chair anyway.

The essentials of a bedroom dresser is the mirror which must be clean so as not to distort the color or distort the image. Second is the lighting, maybe more important than the mirror so we need a pure white light.

Third and equally important is the storage space and the reason is obvious. The shelves on the side of the wall will help to place your personal belongings.

By adding plenty of light fixtures or if you have large windows that offer natural light, you make the perfect recipe for a harmonious and perfectly balanced environment. 

Get inspired by ideas for designing your room, which will help you discover your own style and the one that fits your home’s style.